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Further Reading About Citizen Kane:

The American Experience TV Show: The Battle Over Citizen Kane

Get to know this site, called Film Site (!) – one of the best resources for film history on the web: on Citizen Kane

The Screenplay for Citizen Kane:

Citizen Kane Screenplay

For Further Reading About Orson Welles

From a blog called Wellesnet – probably the best one place for information about Orson Welles and his films – this is a well known, rare article Welles wrote about his film career – called “Twilight in the Smog”. : In it he explains that to retain his artistic freedom, he left Hollywood to pursue his career in Europe.


From Senses of Cinema – one of the best places on the web for articles on a wide range of film topics:

Senses of Cinema on Orson Welles

Video Clips


Opening Scene:

Citizen Kane (1941) – Opening Scene from Rob Angiello on Vimeo.

Boarding House Scene:

Citizen Kane Boarding House2 from Rob Angiello on Vimeo.

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